Senior rehab services can be so much more.

Elevate your expectations and redefine your idea of what rehab services can do.

Outpatient Physical, Occupational, and Speech Therapy Services for Seniors

Rehab Partner Services for Senior Communities

Senior care does not happen in a bubble.

It takes a community working together, and pooling resources so that our seniors can age well.  At Arete Rehab, we are setting out to elevate the way that rehab services are used to meet the needs of seniors wherever they are.

The Arete Difference for Partners:

Arete Rehab partners with facilities that also support the needs of seniors to provide skilled physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy services.

When you partner with Arete you will get:

  • A partner that is learning through community outreach about the challenges facing seniors to innovate solutions.
  • A partner that will tailor services to meet your facility or community needs
  • A partner that will help your community or facility to develop evidence-based activities and classes to support your patients, residents, and program participants.

The Arete Difference for Patients:

Arete Rehab also has its own outpatient services.  Through Arete Rehab Outpatient seniors can access unique outpatient physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy services in MA, ME or NH.

As a patient when you choose Arete you can expect to receive:

  • Treatment where it works best for you: at one of our clinic locations (where available), at home, or in the community.
  • One on one treatment with a consistent therapist that specializes in senior care.
  • Connections to resources to support you and promote independence

What People are Saying

I would and will recommend Rehab 365 to anyone needing P.T. They are an excellent group: caring, willing to work with you. They treat you with respect. After 8 months of therapy, I will be lost without them but able to care for myself. Rehab 365 is the best.

Christine G. former Rehab 365 patient

You have been very helpful in making me aware of my symptoms and how to control them. I feel great now!

Carolyn L. former Rehab 365 patient

Very nice to think about me and health.

Brains, Balance & Breakfast attendee

Thanks for coming to North Andover! Great presentation.

Brains, Balance & Breakfast attendee

Interesting program involving new uses for the brain.

Brains, Balance & Breakfast attendee

Senior Playgrounds-Promoting Wellness Through Play

Gaining popularity since the 1990’s in other countries, senior playgrounds offer an innovative wellness model for older adults: fitness through play.

Lower Readmission Rates without Adding Cost

Learn how to lower readmission rates in your facility with Glow As You Go, Arete Rehab’s evidence-based discharge transition program.

Step Away from Your Cell Phone: Reduce Administrator Burnout

No matter where you go in life social media is everywhere and everyone is on their cell phone Step away from your phone: a simple strategy to reduce stress

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