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Need additional insight? View a webinar, watch a video, or read a white paper to learn about the latest rehabilitation industry trends.


Learn the secrets to how your facility can stand out from the competition including ways to increase staff retention, how to take advantage of free initiatives, and how the right partners can set you apart!

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Video Library

Gain insight on how your staff can improve ergonomics and their safety with difficult transfers!

Learn about the benefits of exercise for your brain, and how to safely exercise as you age!


Still having questions about ICD-10 coding? Get your questions answered!


Learn the ICD-10 basics!

Get a refresher on Section G-G of the MDS in this quick webinar hosted by Arete’s CEO and founder, Dr. Janet Mahoney!

White Papers

Why Productivity?

Has the SNF Rehab Industry Reached It’s Tipping Point?

ICD-10 Primer, Part One

Part one of a multi-series on the ICD-10?

What Defines Rehabilitation Quality?

Part one of a multi-series examining how to measure rehabilitation quality.?

Mobile X-ray versus Clinical…

Can clinical signs and symptoms be a better predictor of hip fracture and save you money on imaging?

Jimmo versus Sebelius

How will this landmark decision will affect rehab service provision?

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